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Luxury Hair Extensions

It’s time to love what you see and feel empowered with new, long, luxurious hair…
Long Shiny Hair

Luxury Hair Extensions at Hair Junkie

Luxury line of hair extensions to create custom mane makeovers.


The leading luxury salon on the Coast for over 20 years.

  • 100% natural human hair 

  • Synthetic and chemical free

  • No damaging glue or unsightly tapes

  • Comfortable ‘free flow’ feel

  • Natural and undetectable

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Custom colour variation

Ready to revolutionise your look? Longing for show-stopping, healthy long hair?

  • There’s nothing quite like that feeling of confidence you have when you own the hair of your dreams. At Hair Junkie, we offer the latest, most natural looking hair extensions boasting ultimate hair quality and shine!

  • But get in quick, because our extensions are our most popular service leading up to summer – and we don’t want you to miss your spot.

  • We work suppliers all over the world  to give you the latest and best quality extensions  on the market for the woman that appreciates high-end value.

It’s time to shine with your new, healthy long hair that won’t damage your existing locks. 

With no glue or harsh chemicals, instead we anchor silicone beads in your hair, sewing in hand-tied wefts along a track at your hair roots.

Our hand-tied wefts sit closer to the head, creating less tension on the hair, and reducing any pulling or bulk along the track. This creates a more free-flowing, natural appearance, while increasing the health of your hair.


Luscious long hair has never been so easy.

We offer our clients luxury, high-end, hand-tied hair extensions that look and feel incredible.

We source the highest quality hair on the market for the most natural long-lasting results.

We create that effortless, natural, healthy look that you’re longing for – with no downsides.

Invest in the expertise

With so many hair extensions on the market, most of which are machine manufactured and synthetic based, it is important to note that your extensions and the investment you are making in your hair are worth it.

The Hair

To produce the highest quality hair we have collaborated  with many brands all over the world so you can have the best  Hair at a affordable price, from communities in Western China to high end brands such as @kavenue who supply to the stylist of the stars, the queen Priscilla Valles.

 Each strand is silicone and synthetic free, providing silky, soft, fluffy, fast-drying hair — with no shedding and far less tangling.

You will never deal with low quality hair again!

Our hand-tied wefts are the product of extensions that are sewn together by hand using the very latest and seamless means of hair wefting to create a truly unique product within the hair extension industry.

The Method

Our method is a completely customisable service to suit every individual. We start by anchoring silicone cylinder beads in your hair. With no glue or harsh chemicals, we create a beaded track close to your scalp, sewing the hand-tied wefts onto this track.

The end result is that the hand-tied wefts sit closer to the head, creating less tension on the hair, and reducing any pulling or bulk along the track. This creates a more free-flowing, natural appearance, while increasing the health of your hair.

We also love to combine multiple colour variations to achieve a unique natural blend. 

Natural, beautiful long hair – without the wait.

The key to beautiful extensions is installing them in such a way that they look completely natural and undetectable. 

Our undetectable method involves anchoring silicone cylinder beads in your hair. The best part of the hand-tied system is that they are completely customised to suit every individual for their look, shape and volume needs.

In just a few hours we can ensure the most natural looking results, boasting the ultimate premium quality hair weft options, with our cutting-edge installation method.

Hair Extension FAQs


Your hair extension questions answered by our experts.

  • How long does it take?
    For initial installation, allow 2–4 hours. This is where your extensions are customised to you and your needs. Wefts are installed and colour matched for seamless results.
  • What will it cost?
    Every look is individually customised to you and your hair type, so pricing depends heavily on individual desired results. That’s why we offer a free consultation where all your questions will be answered and a final quote given.
  • Can I have a blend of colours?
    Yes, of course. This is the perfect way to create the perfect seamless blend. Mixing combinations helps you to achieve a unique and natural look.
  • Will you colour my hair to match?
    Most of the colour matching is done by blending weft colours on installation, so a simple tone or refresh of your own colour is usually required.
  • What if I have curly hair?
    You will need a consult to clarify this. Due to curly hair having uneven curl patterns, we find the blend is not as seamless.
  • Will I lose any hair after installation?
    Any hair loss will be your usual daily amount. When hair wefts are re-installed some excess hair can be caught up in the sewn wefts.
  • How often will I need to get them re-done?
    We recommend a re-lift every 8–10 weeks.
  • Will the hair ever lose its quality?
    Our hair wefts are superior quality depending on how well they are cared for. Extension longevity can be anywhere from 4–12 months.
  • Is it hard to get them taken out?
    That’s the best part. No messy glues – we simply snip the hand-sewn thread, brush out and re-install!

Life is too short, but hair doesn’t have to be.

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