Hot hair step 2

Invest in a great Hair Mask!

Why the mask what about a good shampoo and conditioner?

The job of a shampoo and conditioner is simply to cleanse the hair and scalp, remove product build up and and smooth and detangle the hair, if you want maintain healthy hair this is it!

Invest in a professional Hair Mask!

skp re bond hair mask

Hair Masks are filled with concentrated ingredients that actively penetrate the structure of the hair actually making a difference, they are designed to HYDRATE, STRENGTHEN, SMOOTH AND REPAIR!

Weekly routine with a mask used in conjunction with a conditioner will give you the results your are after! That"s why NOW @HairJunkie we have locked a specialised intensive schwarzkopf shot treatment into all of our colour services,our promise is for you to get your hair fix with us, we will personalise what your hair needs -repair, moisturise,shine,smooth or plump we have it all, a good place to start.

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