What is a colour melt?

Balayage, ombre, bronde & rainbow hair are just a few words that come to mind when i think about the year 2016 and hair colour trends,well its now 2017 so lets get to it and get into the colour melt!

Colour melting is a form of blending tones of colour seamlessly from root to end with a look of worn in colour, similar to the balayage technique but much more blended and seamless the balayage technique is a much more strong 3D tonal finish.

It works on all tones coppers, brunette and blondes, and is great way to blend away that blonde foiled regrowth ,or to add some colour back into your hair for autumn, it uses a similar technique to balayage so the cost is still similar and results can differ depending on existing colour and hair porosity which can be individually discussed on your consultation with your stylist.

For more info go to www.hairjunkie.com.au

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