How to decide to take the chop!

Are you bored of your style? Are you in the middle of a long to short hair dilemma?

let us help you, here is a checklist to consider of pros's for both, something to help you to chop or not!


. less frequent hair cuts required

. easy to cover up bad hair days with braids and ponytails

.keeps your neck warm in winter

.great to flick around when on the dance floor... lol


.dries in a flash quicker to was and style

.uses less product

.has less weight cooler in summer

.draws attention to your neckline and collarbone

.shorter styled hair gives a great statement of confidence and style.

CONSIDER- your face shape, texture of your hair curly or straight & the upkeep needed

for your chosen style, and if you take the plunge have fun with it don't water it down by asking us to keep it longer if you are going to commit to it own it!


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